SBM License Services

SBM licence services include licenced research and development software tools for the development of organisations, networks and services as well as all the required support and training for these licences.

The licences have been developed to meet the requirements of private entrepreneurs or small expert companies.

The licenced research and development tools are:

  • TaL-Visual® participatory group methods (Process Analysis, Disruption Analysis, demanding certifications)
  • SBM tools (Change Tolerance Test, Change Management Analyse)
  • Mindcom tools (RD questionnaire and feedback tools)
  • Good Employer service (initially developed at the Work Research Centre (WRC) of the University of Tampere)

The licences include support and applicable documents for marketing and reporting research results.

Licence training:

  • TaL-Visual® participatory group methods (certification training)
  • other training and guidance for software tools