Tal-Visual® methods are participatory group methods developed by Variantti. The objective of the methods is to map out the current performance of any particular organisation or network. The methods are based on open communication and co-operation between occupational categories and officials. The purpose is to involve organisation(s) in co-operation from the development point of view, promote learning and enhance the readiness for the change as well as to improve the atmosphere.

As the methods have been developed particularly for the illustration and analysis of the network performance, they are highly suitable for research and development tools. The core in applying these methods is that the collected qualitative information, which describes the performance of the function under investigation, is structured and visualised in such a way that is easy to perceive and understand by the people involved.


Why Tal-Visual® participatory group method?

  • UNDERSTAND the holistic performance picture of your organisation and the interdependence between different sub-units
  • RECOGNISE the most significant risks and the improvement potential
  • FIND the issues to be developed that create value in your performance and co-operation
  • PRIORITISE the issues to be pushed forward
  • CLARIFY the common objective and the implementation plan of your operations


Practicing the licensed Tal-Visual® participatory group methods requires a Tal-Visual® certificate and a use licence. The licence also grants an authorisation to use the software tool. The software tool helps to manage and categorise the qualitative information effectively and to produce uniquely illustrated analysis maps.

Certification requires successfully completed licence training.


Tal-Visual® Disruption Analysis

  • A method for investigating and analysing services and co-operation between organisations through the identification of causal or distraction chains.
  • Especially applicable for identifying and prioritizing the development targets
  • Also applicable for deepening the information gathered in risk evaluation, measure development or quantitative research
  • Helps to understand the performance and dependencies of a complex organisational entity


Tal-Visual® Process Analysis

  • A method for accomplishing a current state analysis of multiple parallel processes, also across organisational borders
  • Supports the management and personnel in the identification of its functions and causalities
  • Helps to find out the key points that risk the quality and require development